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Abbey Burger Bistro, the first stop on our great food adventure. I was extremely excited to dine here as I’d heard nothing but fantastic things. The atmosphere was great, staff super friendly, however it was time to jump in to see if they truly lived up to the hype. The crab tots, while they had a great presentation, left much to be desired. The tots were crispy and golden, however, the “crab” side of things seemed to lack a bit of flavor leaving me slightly disappointed. Next up was the veggie burger. Might I say, whatever the crab tots lacked, the veggie burger surely made up for it.  The veggie burger was a great blend of ingredients that packed a punch and the avocado mix was fantastic. Last, but most certainly not least, the Fat Irishman was an excellent adult treat fulfilling the dessert/alcohol fusion needs. Overall the Abbey Burger Bistro gets a 3 out if 5 fork rating !” 🍴🍴🍴 – Kendra

Abbey Burger’s Twitter page says that they are, “Voted Maryland’s #1 Great Burger Joint by USA Today.” I’ve eaten plenty of burgers over the years, so at this point in my life, a burger has to be pretty special for me to get excited about it. The “Chili Burger” did not disappoint. At first, you’d think a burger that has Chili, cheddar cheese, onion, and jalapeno’s topped with spicy crème fraiche, would be messy, but that wasn’t the case. Whoever came up with the burger did a good job of combining those ingredients so they wouldn’t be spilling all over your hands while trying to bite into the burger. The first bite had me feeling somewhere between, the Sally orgasm scene from “When Harry Met Sally” and getting off from work on a Friday…it was THAT good!

The burger made up for the lackluster experience that was the “Crab Tots” appetizer. The picture I saw on Facebook, of the crab tots, was what drew me in. I was excited to actually get to eat some of those crab tots. I now regret that decision. You would think the combination of two awesome things, crab and tots, would be a perfect combination…it was not! The flavors clash, in my opinion, and just take away from the awesomeness of this mythical combination. I guess it was missing the “key” ingredient that was listed, on the menu, on the website, cheddar jack cheese.

“I was excited to actually get to eat some of those crab tots. I now regret that decision.”

Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Abbey Burger Bistro. Michael, one of our servers, was awesome. He came by often to make sure we were fine. Even when he was just walking past do go somewhere else to do something, he made sure to ask if there was anything we needed, in passing. There was a second server, whose name I forget to ask, was awesome as well. The service was excellent.

There is one suggestion I have for Abbey Burger, it’s be to update their online menu. The prices on the restaurant menu are as much as $2 more than the prices listed on the website.” – Jon


Rating: 3.5 out of 5 – Great burgers, disappointing appetizer (Crab Tots), awesome Fat Irishman. We’d recommend trying it out. We’ll definitely will be going back!


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