Lagunita Brewery Did Not Disappoint

There’s never a bad time when there is beer involved! While in Petaluma, we stumbled upon (Googled) one of the best places to eat – Lagunitas Brewing Company.

Lagunitas did not disappoint.

Kendra had the sampler…

Walking into Lagunitas, was like walking into an island paradise, that served BEER! There was self-seating and we wee a bit early, so there wasn’t a problem finding a place to sit.

…you can tell which one she liked the most!

Their servers were extremely attentive and were ready to serve us just seconds after sitting down. Probably the fastest service I have had at an restaurant I’ve eaten at. Also, considering it was extremely busy at the time, I was even more impressed.

For my beer selection, I went with the Imperial Stout. For those who aren’t familiar with the different types of beers, I’ll make it easy for you – Stout = Guinness. Still have no clue what a stout is? It’s the very, very dark beer. Got it?

The Imperial Stout was delicious!

The Imperial Stout was AWESOME!

What goes great with a stout…yup, you guessed it – a sausage party!

I highly recommend this spot. Great food, great service and a plethora of beer! Wish I could have gone on the free tour of the brewery. Definitely going back the next time I’m in San Francisco!


Lagunitas Brewery
Instagram: @lagunitasbeer

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