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JON – If you expected ‘LOGAN’ to be like all the other X-Men movies, you are in for the biggest surprise of your life! LOGAN stands, as of now, if not the best comic book movie made so far, it’s definitely leaps and bounds over all the X-Men movies before it. Compared to LOGAN, all the other X-Men movies are pure garbage, except X2, which is the second best, but no even close to LOGAN.

It took FOX 17 YEARS to make a decent X-Men movie. 17 YEARS!!!! Thank you to the folks who made the Deadpool movie for showing FOX how to properly portray these characters on screen. I believe when a studio stops letting money motivate production and let the production breathe, a movie can be successful. Unlike, DC, whose motivation just seems to be ineptitude.

LOGAN is a brutal and savage movie. I’m not going to be one of those that say that making a movie R-Rated will make it better, however, this particular story could only be told with an R-rating. The brutal fight was real and brutal. X-23 is a SAVAGE!

X23 – Daphne Keen

I was overall pleased with the movie. It’s a must see!

KENDRA – Now, as an avid X Men/ Wolverine fan I knew I’d love the film, I just had no idea how much. Without including spoilers I’d have to say Logan is what I wish X-Men movies would be….consistent! The pace, the story line, and casting were all on point. The ebb and flow will make you laugh and cry. Daphne Keen was an exceptional k -23 / Laura and while she doesn’t talk for 85% of the film she makes her presence known.



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