Mario Changed My Life! Happy Mario Day! | #GeeksWithForks #MarioDay

Mario has made a huge impact on my life. Though I may not be much of a fan of the character anymore, I owe Mario for making me the gamer I am today. If it wasn’t for the hours upon hours of sitting in front of the television, playing Nintendo, trying to save the Princess, I’m not sure my life would have turned out the same. In celebration of Mario Day, I’m going to list some of my favorite Mario games, powers, and characters and fan made movies. ENJOY!

Super Mario 2

Super Mario 3

The Hammer Brother’s Suit

Tanooki Suit

Super Mario RPG

Mario Kart (All Versions)

Mario also introduce me to one of my favorite characters!

Mario History – A video showing EVERY game Marion has been in since the original Super Mario Brothers. Worth a watch if you have time.

This is a DOPE Fan-Made movie trailer. Surprised this doesn’t have more views!

Good fan made Marion series. I’m impressed by the production value. You’ll have to go to the Youtube page Beat Down Boogie if you want to see more.

This video is a personal favorite

Another one of my favorites


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