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I’m not going to lie. I didn’t have high hopes for this film. I was expecting a rehash of the same, boring plot where Kong gets captured, falls in love with the woman, kidnaps her, climbs to the tallest building and then Kong slips on a banana peel and falls to his death. BLAAAAAAAAAAAAH! This latest take on King Kong proved me wrong.

This movie has a LOT going on. However, I like how all the characters and plots were handled. The story didn’t really go in depth with any of the characters. During the course of the movie, you learn just enough about each character to actually care about them going forward. I really appreciate that. Some movies get bogged down by too much unnecessary backstory or you aren’t told enough about a character to get emotionally involved, which really ruins most movies for me. If there is no emotional connection, why should I even care about the character?  Like, I said, this movie handles that really well.

If you are a fan of gore, this movie has plenty of it; torn limbs, violent deaths, with a sprinkle of guts! This movie does not hold back in that department.

I also appreciated that this movie gave a lot more backstory about Kong, who he is, why he’s on the island and what Skull island actually is. Many of you probably don’t know, but this movie set’s up a “Big Monster” movie universe. After the next Godzilla movie is released, there will be a King Kong vs Godzilla movie to follow. Godzilla is hinted at in the beginning of the movie so keep your ears and eyes OPEN!

He’s tired of these muthf*@kin apes on this muthf*@kin island!

My favorite characters were Samual L. Jackson’s character, Jon C. Reilly, and Kong. Samuel was convincing as a crazed Army officer hell-bent on revenge. He didn’t over do the crazy too much. There were moments where you could see his crazy based on his actions and reactions up until his final confrontation with Kong. During the final confrontation, we get a flash of that classic Samuel when what we think is going to be a classic cliche moment where the protagonist tries to reason with the bad guy with some speech about hope and humanity, Samuel shuts, that, shit, DOWN! I’m not going to spoil what happens, but you won’t be disappointed at all. Jon C Reilly’s character is hilarious. For me, he stole the show! I would have liked to have seen more of a focus on his character. Now Kong is a great character. This version of him is a bit more intelligent than previous versions and he’s much more aware of what is going on around him. We get to see a more “human” side of Kong which is really great. Kong’s not portrayed as some wild ape that just wants to smash things. His motivations are just as important and poignant as the human characters.

My only complaint is the nonsensical crap that happens in the background during the scenes on the Army base. Like, none of it makes sense in this movie or any other movie. The scene has the group of soldiers we’ll be following for the most of the movie, playing cards, laughing and just having a good time. Meanwhile, all around them, people are loading trucks, running in formation, fixing vehicles and for some freaking reason there were at least 4 people randomly welding shit. WHY? Who knows. What I do know is that now you’ll watch those types of scenes differently.

All in all, the movie is pretty solid and enjoyable. My recommendation is if you were really excited about this movie, you definitely will not be disappointed. However, if you aren’t in a rush to see the movie, just wait until it comes out on DVD.


I have always been a fan of the mighty King Kong! As a child, I was enamored by what I considered to be “King of the Jungle” so needless to say hearing Kong was making a comeback was especially exciting for me. I did, however, enter this adventure with the mindset that the majority of Kong films just aren’t that phenomenal! Which to be perfectly honest could be a contributing factor why I loved them so much. After all, who doesn’t love an awfully bad good movie? ☺ Kong did not waste time getting to the action.

The storyline stayed pretty consistent, and in a change from Kong movies past the sole focus was not of the budding infatuation with the female lead. Without giving too much away I loved the introduction of various creatures and the foundation laid for other films to come down the pike.

The casting was pretty on point with a great mix of vets and freshmen, both of which kept my attention. Unlike most films with more than a handful of big names, the characters did not overplay each other. The vets gave exactly what you’d expect, especially Samuel L. Jackson who couldn’t be any less ornery.

The fight scenes were pretty mild with the exception of Kong’s introduction into the film when he’s giving the military crew a royal ass kicking. However, the mix of comedy was always well placed.

Overall, while I wasn’t head over heels in love, I did enjoy the film. I would have to give is a solid 4/5. I’d definitely watch again.


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