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“Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is a gem…” – KENDRA

Fried Calamari, Crispy Crab Risotto Bites, Cajun Pasta,

Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant is a gem of a find! Set in the downtown Baltimore area I was pleasantly surprised when I realized I have passed this place several times without so much as a “pop in”. The atmosphere is super inviting with a very helpful and engaging staff. Our waitress Olivia was very timely and had one of the most upbeat attitudes I’ve experienced in quite some time. Making frequent check- ins and offering suggestions on her favorite items was a definite bonus in the overall experience.

Thanks, Olivia! You are awesome!

Now let’s talk food! For starters I had the Crispy Crab Risotto Bites, can we say YEAAAHHH. The bites had a nice crunch but the center was WOW! Cheesy and crabby, can I say! For an entrée I had the Shrimp and Lobster tacos, it was taco Tuesday minus the Tuesday and I loved every minute of it. The multiple layers of flatbread and hard taco shell with sauce and cheese in between were like heaven. To top it off I had a side of garlic fries.
The overall GB experience was very pleasant I look forward to going back to sample some other menu items. I give this foodventure a 5/5 forks! Happy Feasting


Gordon Biersch is a great dining experience. The staff is friendly and helpful. Every one of them either greeted us as we came in or said goodbye as we left. That made the restaurant very inviting. It’s rare to find a restaurant where there is staff that you didn’t even have any interaction with, greet you with a “hello” or “goodbye”. For me, the customer service is what makes Gordon Biersch a 5-Star restaurant.

The food was great and the appetizers were PERFECT! Kudos to the chefs.

Nuff said!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the most important part – THE BEER! Like, every brewery, GB has a beer flight you can order. For those who don’t know what a beer flight is, GOOGLE IT! After sampling GB’s beers, which all are all pretty good, I was reminded of something. That is something is…I…HATE…LIGHT…BEER! Oh, I despise it! Light beer is a waste of Water, Barley Malt, Rice, Yeast,   and hops. Water gets offended when it’s made into a light beer. Light beer is the tofu of beers. When I taste it, I’m not quite sure if it’s beer or the sweat collected from other beer bottles. Whoever invented light beer does not deserve the recognition they probably got. Drinking light beer is the equivalent to turkey bacon. It’s not beer, just like turkey bacon is not bacon. Light beer is something you offer house guests you dislike.

If you are a light beer drinker, STAHP IT! Drink some dark beer!

With that being said, I highly recommend visiting Gordon Biersch with friends or take the family. You won’t be disappointed. Be sure to taste all of their beers…including the light one.


Gordon Biersch



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