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Beer, Bourbon & BBQ

KENDRA – “The Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival comes every year and like clockwork I always miss it!”

The Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ festival comes every year and like clockwork I always miss it! Geeks were on the ultimate foodventure of food and liquor. This two-day festival offers an array of whiskey, beer, wine, and pretty much any alcoholic beverage imaginable; good thing there were excellent food choices.  There were ribs, pickles, spreadable bacon and the almighty Jar- B- Que!! Yes, a jar with pulled pork, baked beans, and coleslaw. Did I mention it was in a mason jar?  If here was any question on if I loved this concoction the answer is an emphatic YESS!!! After all, I would need something solid on my stomach before embarking on a sampling spree.  The vibes were amazing and as always we tend to meet some of the most interesting people. Everyone from my Spock socks wearing friends to Mr. Fireball himself made the event much more entertaining. After hitting each table, I’d have to say my favorite of them all would be the Rebel Yell Root Beer! Not too sweet yet not overwhelmingly strong. This is definitely the drink you’d need to monitor your intake because….oops!

Overall, I had a pretty phenomenal experience and we hope to see you all out next year visiting the Geeks table, right!?! I’d have to give this event a 5/5 on the foodventure scale.

I enjoyed my time at Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ. Tasted some good beers and bourbon. The Jar B Que was pretty good. Had a great time with old friends and met some new fans!

Jon – “Where the hell was the barbecue?!”

The Beer

I’ve been to many beer festivals so I wasn’t really enthused about the beer offerings. In fact, I drank so much at past festivals that I can’t even remember if I have a beer or not.
There were a couple of beers that stood out to me, however.

Virginia Apple IPA – This is probably the best “Hard Cider” I’ve had. It’s an IPA so it’s made with hops. I like it much better than Angry Orchard.

Troegs Perpetual IPA – a smooth IPA that didn’t really have the bitter taste of most IPAs.

Victory Golden Monkey – I only got it because it said “Golden Monkey”. I was hoping to see a Saiyan on the bottle. Pretty good beer, though.

The Bourbon

I tasted quite a few bourbons. More that I can remember. Here is a couple that stuck out.

Rebel Yell, Ginger – – Not a great bourbon to drink straight-up. Would work better in a mixed drink or mixed with soda.

Hill Billy 86 – – MEH! I guess if you are hill billy, it shouldn’t matter what your bourbon tastes like.


The BBQ aspect of the event was the most lackluster part. There were only a handful of BBQ vendors, which, for me, was extremely disappointing. There may have been about 6 bbq vendors there, that I saw.

Jar B Que – – this is pretty much all we had to eat and it was delicious. Although, I feel cheated. I did some research on the Jar B Que and what I had at the Beer, Bourbon & BBQ did not look like the pictures I found online. For $12 a jar, I would have thought there would have been more. The jar was still good!


We meet some really cool people that day. People really dug our shirts and the shirts always spark a conversation. I met a couple, Sam and Beth, who admitted they were geeks and were really excited about the shirts and the restaurant.

Friends we met along the way:

We both won scratch-offs at the MD Lottery tent. He got the Fireball necklace from the vendor since as compensation since they ran out of Fireball.

This is a Mountain Dew candle. Yes, it smells like Mountain Dew when you burn it. (From Cocktail Hour Candles –


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  1. This blog is awesome!!! Did you mix the jar-b-que or eat as is? I’m about to use your blogs as my list for things/places we need to try on our 19 dates!! Thanks Jon and Kendra!

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