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The Thor: Ragnarok trail has dropped and it looks pretty cool. I’m a huge Thor fan and I feel like the first two movies were a bit underwhelming. Thor and Thor: The Dark World were Marvel Studios worst movies. That doesn’t mean that they were bad, it just means compared to the rest, those two movies rank dead last.

Proxima Midnight


So far, I’m liking the approach Marvel is taking with “Ragnarok”. The director has said the movie is going to have a much more fun approach. That doesn’t mean that the movie won’t have its darker moments. Keep in mind that the villain, Hela, who is the Queen/ruler of Hel (Asgardian hell), is the antagonist in this movie. Also, Thanos and two members of his Black Order, Corvus Glaive and Proxima Midnight will be making an appearance.


Corvus Glaive

This movie looks like it might be one of Marvel’s best. We’ll see in November!


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