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Men Wore Heels First

I was always curious about the origin of high heels. I wanted to know who wore them first, men or women and the reason why people wore high heels. Welp, I found the answer to my question. MEN wore heels first!

In 1599, the Persian shah sent a diplomatic mission to Europe, and an interest in Persian culture and fashion swept Western Europe. Aristocrats took a liking to Persian high-heeled shoes—they were bold, masculine, and perfect for asserting status. When the lower classes caught on and adopted the shoes, the aristocracy simply increased the height of their footwear, in accordance with the social order. They were useless on the cobbled streets of 17th Century Europe, but that was the whole appeal: Privileged men rarely walked anywhere, and ridiculous accessories highlighted their luxurious lifestyles.

Why Did Women Start Wearing Heels?

No one knows the exact reason why women started wearing heels. Historians who have studied the history of heels, believe women start wearing heels to “appropriate male power and achieve equality“.

Whatever the reason was back then, it is the total opposite in the modern age.



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