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This weekend, we had a chance to visit Second Chance in Baltimore.

Second Chance is a non-profit store that…

 “..creates “green collar jobs” by taking apart buildings that would otherwise be demolished and dumped in a landfill. We then offer the reclaimed materials and other donated goods to the public at a discount, helping fund our job training and workforce development programs that primarily serve those who face barriers to employment.”

In other words, “One man’s trash, is another man’s treasure” and they have such wonderful treasures.

Those treasures include bedroom sets, living rooms sets, kitchen sets, appliances, office furniture, lighting, paintings, chandeliers, toys and much, much more. The condition of the items ranges from “almost new” to “barely standing”.

If you are searching for a new cabinet set for the kitchen or looking for antique collectibles, Second Chance has it all!

Second Chance is open 7 days a week,s o go check them out when you have time

I’m going back soon for this LEGO set I saw.






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