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A demon that feeds on the souls of children and has them carry out gruesome acts! WTF!?! This movie is more than just about a demon but is also plays on the fears of child kidnapping, pedophilia and mental illness caused trauma.

Paranormal Activity

One of the best found-footage movies about paranormal activity!

Blair Witch Project

Maybe it’s my fear of getting lost in the woods that makes this movie so scary, to me. Very good movie in my opinion. The sequels were all crap. Don’t even bother.

The Conjuring

I often forget that this movie has several spirits running around. Just when you think the movie is over, HERE COMES ANNABELLE! Oh yeah, no one has allowed to clap near me for a few days

Poltergeist (1982)

House built on a Native American burial ground. The mysterious, creepy old man keeps popping up at your door. Daughter gets sucked through the television. Portals to other dimensions open up. Son gets attacked by a toy clown. JUST GET THE FUCK OUT THE HOUSE!

Ghostbusters (1984)

What’s not to love about this movie?


Great movie about paranoia! Look, if a child tells you that their pet goat can talk, BELIEVE THEM!

The Exorcist

Didn’t really appreciate this movie when I was younger because all I had seen were edited versions. When I finally saw the unedited version – HOLY SHIT! No wonder people ran out of the movie theater sick or fainted while watching. This movie is intense!

Cabin in the Woods

CLASSIC! If you haven’t watched it, please do yourself a favor and watch it if you love the horror genre!

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