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First, let me begin by saying, I hope Marvel does as many Guardians movies as possible! James Gunn is a genius. Guardians should be the Avengers of space. I hope that’s the route they go with this.

I appreciate the fact the Marvel did not try to outdo the first movie. This movie seems to be a setup for what’s to come in Infinity War and Guardians of the Galaxy 3.

Overall I enjoyed the movie. For the second outing, the movie focuses on the team and their relationship with each other. This movie is all about personal growth, forgiveness and moving on from past trauma. From the beginning of the movie, you see that even they the characters have spent some time together, they still aren’t exactly close as we may think. A lot of that drama plays out between Starlord and Rocket.

As the movie goes on, it’s reveal what everyone’s true motivations are and surprisingly, someone who we thought was a “hero” was actually the villain in another character’s life. The reveal is a tragic one, however, the characters learn from it and their underlying bond is made stronger.

The movie has a lot of heart, a lot of comedy with just enough seriousness to keep things ground. I was afraid that the comedic tone would become too silly and make the movie corny. The comedy works and it works well.

Overall, Guardians 2 is a fun movie. If I had to rank it on the list of MCU movies, I’d place it somewhere in the middle. It’s worth seeing in the movies.

Baby Groot

Starting in the opening sequence, which is fucking hilarious, you get the sense of Groot’s temperament. ¬†Groot is now a toddler and acts just like one – throwing temper tantrums, getting sad when people leave, being naive, not understanding simple instructions and looking for someone to hold him when he’s sad or tired.

Considering what we already know about Groot from the previous movie, I forget that Groot is now a baby hanging out with a bunch of adults, getting into dangerous and often life-threatening situations.


Drax really shines in this movie and has some of the funniest lines. Drax is still Drax, except he’s not the emo Drax from the first movie. He seems a lot more comfortable and content and the of GOTG members. Drax is probably the only member of GOTG that thinks of every one else as family. The rest of the team is still getting used to the concept of “family” and it plays out over the entirety of the movie.


A lot of Marvel fans were concerned about the inclusion of EGO in the movie. EGO is literally a living planet whose brain is at the center of the planet. The plot of the movie does a good job of explaining why EGO has a human form. So Marvel fans, don’t worry. It all makes sense.


Original Guardians of the Galaxy

Yes, the original members all make appearances in the movie and yes, they all team up at the end. However, I’m not going to tell you how and why. If you are familiar with who they are, you’ll figure it out right away. Two of the members are obvious. The other members you won’t see until the end of the movie.

Adam Warlock

YES! The MCU is finally getting Adam Warlock. One of my all time favorite characters.

Fast and the Furious – “We’re a family.”

There was a moment in the move that I found hilarious, even though no one else laughed. I’m not sure if it was intentional or not, but there was a scene similar to the , “We’re a family” scenes in Fast and the Furious. So corny.


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