Halo: Combat Evolved Inducted into the Video Game Hall of Fame, Beats Out Final Fantasy 7?

“FF7 doesn’t deserve this! This mockery of the gaming community!”

I read the headline, on Reddit, in disbelief. How could Halo: Combat Evolved make it into the Video Game Hall of Fame before Final Fantasy 7. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW!!! I DEMAND A RECOUNT! Granted, commercially, Halo has had a much larger impact than FF7. However, I believe, FF7 has had a much larger emotional impact on gamers.

You can read the press release here: http://www.museumofplay.org/press/releases/2017/05/3418-2017-world-video-game-hall-fame-inductees-announced

I can remember rushing home after school, to play FF7. Lying to my dad, telling him that I had finished my homework, just to immerse myself into a fantasy world full of magical beings, warriors with cool swords and kaiju’s that pushed your gameplay¬†skills to their limit. Hours of commitment and hard work, crushed in an instant when one of the most beloved characters in the game is unexpectedly killed. A pivotal moment that forever altered my perception of gaming. I was a fan of RPG’s, but after playing FF7, I was officially hooked for life!

FF7 doesn’t deserve this! This mockery of the gaming community! I’ll make sure to cast my vote for FF7 next year. JUSTICE!!! WE NEED JUSTICE!!!

I’m in the 10%.
I’m looking at you museumofplay.org


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