Secret Empire, Why Are People So Upset? HAIL HYDRA! | #GeeksWithForks


Why are people so upset about Captain America’s reveal as a Hydra agent? People are even comparing Captain America to Hitler? When this plot kicked off, Cap hasn’t done anything remotely close to what Hitler and Nazi’s have done.

Marvel gives you something NEW and DIFFERENT and people want to tear it down. Seems to me folks just want the same and just want to complain about it being the same.

I’m actually enjoying ‘Secret Empire’, although, I will call bullshit on the powerhouse heroes being trapped in space, unable to take down that force field around the Earth. I can think of a few ways they can get back on Earth with the roster of heroes trapped in space unless a tie-in explains exactly why they can’t.

Anyway, this Hydra Cap story is probably one of the best stories Marvel has done, so far, since. Please don’t mess this up, Marvel!



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