Cookie Dough Confections aka Cookie DŌ NYC is a unique little shop in the heart of Manhattan that offers every persons dream….cookie dough! Yes, gourmet edible, bakeable, customizable cookie dough. This shop offers various flavors of cookie dough from the signature chocolate chip to s’mores.

Not only can you eat this cookie dough straight up, you can turn it into a milkshake, pair it with ice cream on a cone, or a number of other combinations to kick your experience up a notch.

So far this sounds like heaven, right? Well, there is one catch (drum roll) the wait to get into this amazing find is 2 hours or longer!

While the wait was most certainly worth it, it can be a bit discouraging! By the time you reach the counter you are either tired, cranky, caught a cramp, or all the above. However, in the end I would have to agree with the numerous rave reviews. I give my  DŌ experience a 5/5.


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