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When the announcement came out there was going to be a Wonder Woman stand alone film I immediately sulked! I didn’t want one of my childhood icons to get caught up in DC gate. BUT then it happened, the trailers started to roll out and I’ll be …. my curiosity was piqued and I actually felt like DC was going to pull this one off. I was so hype I wanted to run out a get myself a bad ass cosplay and become a sword wielding amazon!

The visuals were great, but the overall the film left me a bit confused, angry, and like the Marvel Cinematic Universe was going to jump from behind a curtain and scream …..

What I liked:

  • I loved the “Girl Power” displayed by the  Amazons. The diversity and strength of the women could not be matched, and let’s face it we all want a badass aunt like Antiope! I was disappointed they decided to kill her off right away, I mean dang can a sista get at least an hour of screen time!
  • Gal Gadot was a great selection for this role. She not only looks the part, but she embodies the spirit of WW. To be honest she was the only decent  thing about that other film that shall not be named (you know the one with her, the bat, and the man that’s allergic to that green stuff lol) so it only made sense she continue to own this role.
  • Everyone knows I love a good villain and Dr. Poison is no exception. She was a woman of little words but I enjoyed her short lived moments on the screen


What I disliked:

  • First off, the accents were the absolute worst! There were supposed to be German’s, British, etc.. meanwhile everyone sounded fairly the same. I mean, a backdrop of Germany where they all speak English to each other ?

  • So, the Queen and crew are really going to let her just chase after  the “GOD of War” without informing her of who she is, her power, nothing?
  • Love story? So during the course of the movie we see a few cute interactions between Diana and Steve. The are  very subtle; however, there was NEVER a major revelation of desire or love. During her losing battle with Ares she sees Steve go up in flames and all of a sudden realizes her strength? because of the loss of her one true love? The chemistry between the two of them on screen was about as hot as the Polar Ice Caps and not as sexy. Is this whole film really going to boil down to this?
  • The storyline didn’t stay consistent! WW set out to destroy Ares, but it was stated as her power grew Ares would come looking for her. Not only did he not come looking for her, I didn’t get the sense he really wanted to kill her. The battle scene was pretty weak which was surprising given her and Ludendorff’s fight scene got more of my attention.
  • Speaking of Ludendorff, how did he NOT feel her sword  tucked in the back of her dress when they were dancing?

Overall, I felt there was so much they could have done and fell just a bit short. There were so many storylines they could have expanded on including the one they started with, but it seems the DC curse just can’t be lifted just yet.


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