HONfest 2017 | Hampden, MD | #GeeksWithForks

Every year, the residents of a Baltimore neighborhood called Hampden get together for their annual HONfest. What’s a HONfest you ask? I guess the better question is what’s a HON? HON is short for “honey” and if you are at all familiar with the works of John Waters you could say this festival is straight out of a scene from the classic film Hairspray. A lot of big hair, food, drinks, music and fashion statements!

The festival spanned several blocks with wall to wall vendors selling everything from food to jewelry. The small business owners showed up and showed out in support of not only their community but of each other.

One of my favorite stops was the Wild Bill Old Fashion Soda Pop Co with there many options of cream sodas and root beer!

But wait, there’s more! Let’s not forget the talent that graced the various  stages. An amazing band “Femi the Drifish & The Out of Water Experience” killed their performance. Crowd participation and good energy was felt for miles.

Overall, I’d have to give my first HONfest experience a 5/5. We were  greeted with nothing but smiles and an overwhelming enthusiasm that made it a “at home” experience. I look forward to next years festivities.


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