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Let me get this out the way now. OMG SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING IS THE BEST SPIDER-MAN MOVIE! Tom Holland is PERFECT as Peter Parker! OMG! OMG! OMG!


Okay, nerdgasm is over.

The movie, from beginning to end, was a complete joy. There was enough humor and action to appease all ages.

I love how Marvel decided not to bog us down with another origin story. If you don’t know Spider-man’s origin by now, then you shouldn’t even be allowed in the theater. Better yet, go watch Batman v Superman as punishment for your insolence.

Every character and I mean EVERY CHARACTER that came across the screen had a moment to shine. Even if they only said a couple lines, they mattered. It’s rare to find a movie where you care, at least somewhat, about the minor characters involved. My favorites are Ned, M.J. (Spoiler?) and Abraham . Everyone involved did a fantastic job.

A few things really stood out to me. One thing in particular is the dark turn the movie took after the big reveal in the third act when Peter meets Liz’s dad (Liz is Peter’s high school crush and eventually gets to take her to the homecoming dance). HOLY SHIT! You could feel the tension radiating from the screen. Although, we know Peter wins in the end, the scenes with Peter and Liz’s father had me on edge. If my heart was pumping, then I could only imagine how Peter was feeling during those moments.

  1. Michael Keaton as Vulture was just awesome. Michael Keaton is simply awesome anyway so there was know surprise he’d do a great job in this movie. 
  2. I’m not going to lie, I was bit skeptical about a younger version of Aunt May, however, I personally was getting tired of the “older than time itself” Aunt May from the comics and the previous movies. Marisa Tormei did a great job as May and it was a welcomed breathe of fresh air for a character that had gone stale over the years.
  3. The diversity of people. If you were paying attention, the cast and background character were an excellent representation of the “real world”.  There were people of damn near every race all through the movie. There were no Tokens and I appreciate a movie that represents the diverse world we live in.
  4. The story and characters were updated enough to better represent the time period this movie takes place.
  5. It is better than Wonder Woman (If you want to read how I felt about that atrocity, read my review here.)
  6. Tony Stark is in the movie and it makes sense as to why. Stop bitching about him being in it. He is integral to the story.
  7. Shout out to Hannibal Buress. He’s one of my favorite comedians and this is his second time in a Spider-man movie!
  8. Donald Glover, too bad they wouldn’t let you play Miles Morales, however, your character mentioned he has a nephew…hmmmm?
  9. Marvel didn’t kill off a major villain.
  10. The Iron Spider suit looks awesome! Too bad we might not see it in future movies!

Overall, Marvel has yet another hit. At this point, how can they lose?

My recommendation, go see this movie, NOW!





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