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So when my sister texted me this morning to tell me that my nephew was participating in a “Vegan Crab Cake Cook-Off” my immediate reaction was…

I don’t want to come off as naive, so let me get this out the way; I have had vegan dishes before. It’s just that, I’m still not “comfortable” having vegan versions of my favorite meat based dishes. Beef, chicken, pork rule my world!

Having faux meat dishes is nothing new, but vegan crab cakes just doesn’t compute still.. I mean, the very ingredient that makes them crab cakes, isn’t even in the dish! I could accept it more if it was named something completely different, like “Old Bay Bean Balls©” or “Tofu Sea Cakes©”. Notice the copyright symbol? Those were my ideas. Don’t even think about stealing them.

So the moment of truth came once I arrived at Thrive Baltimore. The Cook-Off include 5 chefs from the Baltimore/DC area including: Sprout Natural Choice (Catonsville, MD), Big Bean T.H.E.O.R.Y (Baltimore, MD), Garden of Vegan (Baltimore, MD), Flight American Bistro (Baltimore, MD) & Good As Green (DC).

All the of the “crab cakes” I tasted were good. Of the 5, 3 actually tasted like crab cakes. The other two were good, but did not remind me of a crab cake other than the look.

The best two vegan crab cakes came from Flight and Good as Green.


Flight American Bistro


Good As Green Eats

Great job by all the chefs involved! It takes great skill to take a combination of foods to make them taste like another food. Geek’s is definitely going to check out more of what these chefs have to offer.

Maybe next time, they’ll have a “Vegan Fried Chicken Cook-Off”?…NOPE! I’m not even going to Google that to keep myself from getting disappointed.




Big Bean Theory


Garden Of Vegan



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One thought to “Vegan Crab Cake Cook-Off, Thrive Baltimore | #GeeksWithForks”

  1. Thank you!!! I’m so glad you enjoyed our version! Yes there are vegan fried chicken cook-offs! Lol If you come to the Vegan Soulfest, you’ll have a chance to try our Mac & Chz and more. Thanks again and we appreciate the love! 💚
    -Good as Green

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