Baltimore Taco Festival – Meh!

Our latest food adventure took us to the ‘Baltimore Taco Festival’ by at Power Plant in Downtown Baltimore.


The festival featured 18 restaurants and food trucks. We got there as soon as the gates opened, to beat the crowd so that we could avoid long lines, which was the smart move.  After being there for about 20 minutes the crowd nearly tripled.

Even though we took our time to check out the layout, we still really weren’t sure where to go or what to do. The whole setup was a bit confusing. There really wasn’t much instruction on what to do or how to purchase food from the vendors. To make matters worse, the postcard that had a map of the vendors was either completely wrong or some of the vendors were moved to make room for some there were not there that day.

We stayed for about 2 ½ and pretty much all we did was sit around eating. Not much else was going on besides the dope bands that were playing on stage. Maybe going with a group of people would have been better, but then we’d be a group of people standing around eating for 2 and a half hours.

The postcard that I mentioned earlier had an entertainment schedule which listed two bands. I had to found out after we left because they were not listed as such on the postcard.

12:00 PM – Mariachi Band (Impossible, if the gates don’t open until 1 pm for general admission. In fact, there wasn’t a Mariachi band in site. So only VIP gets to see the band?)

1:00 PM – Higher Education (A band, but not listed as one.)

3:30 PM – Chili Pepper Eating Contest (Where?)

4:00 PM – Edjacated Phools (We were gone by this time, but from what I found out online, they are a band – not listed as one.)

Overall the Baltimore Taco Festival was okay. There was really nothing that would make us want to go back next year unless they expand the offerings and activities. Oh yeah, if they actually have tequila to sampling as well.


I was the center of attention for a while walking around with these. Doggie Style Nachos from Doggie Style Hotdogs.


Pork Tacos


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