Brass Tap at the Fitzgerald | Review

Our most recent food adventure took us to Brass Tap in Mt. Royal. All that needs to be said is this place is AWESOME! Looked like a great place to hang out with friends and watch a game or just talk and have a few beers. Oh, there is plenty of beer to choose from. If you can’t find anything to wet your palate, then just go sit at home and drown yourself in cheap Budweiser.

The Food

Brass Tap probably has some of the best bar food around that’s fairly inexpensive. Since it was my first there, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with a burger and fries. I was not disappointed.

The Service

Service was excellent. Our server made sure we were taken care off and made frequent trips to make sure everything was okay. The other staff members also made sure to say hello whenever they’d pass our table.

The Beer

Since we went during Baltimore Beer Week, Brass Tap offered two beer flights for $10. I had the ‘Dark & Stormy’ flight which featured 4 beers from Zeke’s, Founders, Harpoon and the last I forget. I’ll buy you a flight to the first person that can tell me what ‘DGN’ stands for! All of them were good except for the Zeke’s – it tasted a bit watered down, and didn’t have the full flavor of the other beers. LaKendra, however, liked Zeke’s more than the other three.

Overall, Brass Tap was a great experience and I would recommend to anyone.

Brass Tap at the Fitzgerald

1205 West Mt. Royal Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21217


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