Geeks in South Beach, Miami | Our Royal Caribbean Cruise | Day 1

Kendra is enjoying herself!

Never Go Full Tourist

Before we embarked on Royal Caribbean cruise to the Bahamas, we spent one day in South Beach, Miami. I loathe popular tourist destinations, simply because EVERYONE goes to these places so it becomes a tourist trap with shops trying to sell you items to make you look more like a tourist. I believe it’s just dumb to go somewhere to buy and wear a shirt with the name of the place you currently visiting. Some people will walk into those novelty stores and buy a Miami shirt, hats, shoes, sunglasses, towel, swimsuit and keychain and wear it all WHILE IN MIAMI! As if the people in Miami had no clue you were in Miami.

“Look at me! I’m in Miami wearing a Miami shirt. I’m so cool and hip”. You might as well buy a shirt with a bullseye on it that says, “I’m from out of town and don’t know my way around. Here, take my wallet.”.

Then you have restaurants with inflated prices (I’m lookin’ at you Denny’s in San Franciso). South Beach, Miami is and has always been #1 on my “Top Places To Not Go On Vacation” list. However, my opinion has changed.  The streets were not littered with naive tourists and the price of food was not ridiculously high like another tourist trap we’d been to earlier this year.

Releasing My Inner Artist


The beach was fun. Had a good time swimming around like a 5-year-old. The water was warmer than expected given there was an overcast most fo the day and it rained a few times. I even found time to search for rocks and coral to create a beach scene. The inner artist in me had been released.

Bella Cuban Restaurant

While South Beach had many spots to eat, we found a nice Cuban restaurant called Bella Cuba Restaurant, a nice little spot located three blocks away from the main strip. The service was great, the atmosphere inviting and the food was awesome!

For drinks, Kendra and I started off with mojitos. I had the Guava Mojito. The mint they used was so fresh, we could smell it from the bar as they prepared our drinks.  At that moment, I knew we were in for a treat. The mojito did not disappoint. It was sweet enough with just enough kick from the rum – Perfect!

Blue Berry Mojito, their signature drink.
Guava Mojito

For the appetizer, we had the shrimp and fried calamari with mango sauce. Both were fried to perfection.

As an entree, I had the Drunken Chicken Rice and Kendra had the Cuban Chicken Stew.

Drunken Chicken Rice | Source:
Cuban Chicken Stew

If you are ever in South Beach, we highly recommend Bella Cuba. Click for the full menu.

We really enjoyed South Beach and will be going back soon!


More Photos From South Beach

South Panorama 1 – Click To View Larger Image
South Panorama 2 – Click To View Larger Image
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