Geeks On A Boat – Let Me Show You My Package | Our Royal Caribbean Cruise | Day 2


If we learned anything from this recent cruise, it’s that you DO NOT buy anything prior to boarding the ship. NOTHING! Do not buy any excursions, drink packages, WiFi packages…NUH-THING! Save your money until you are sure what you will and won’t need. They pretty the whole trip trying to sell the packages anyway. So expect to get bombarded as soon as you get on board and don’t be afraid to say no.


The Drink Package

For instance, they tried to sell us a drink package for $250, which would cover us for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for the whole trip. We managed to budget our money and limit our alcohol intake. Our grand total, for drinks during the trip, was $120 between the both of us and we had several drinks during the course of the trip. So let’s just say, we had 4 drinks per day. That’s 8 drinks total, per day. The trip was 4 days. So 8 drinks x 4 days = 32 drinks total. We spent half the money on the drink package. That means we would have had had to drink twice as much. TWICE AS MUCH! They pretty much wanted us to be plastered the whole trip. That would not have been a good look. The both of us double-fisting drinks while cruising around on the ship, half-slumped, looking like Bernie from “Weekend At Bernie’s”.

I understand that the bartenders are doing their jobs by offering the drink packages every time we go to the bar, but it gets pretty annoying after a while. We’re not suckers so we aren’t going to fall into the trap of buying one.


The WiFi Package

Then they tempt you to pay for WiFi access, which I believe is insane. They are preying on people’s addiction to having to be constantly connected to the internet. I almost fell into the trap until I saw the outrageous prices from internet access per day – $23.99 per day, for one device. NOPE! Not gonna happen. I’m on vacation, why would I want to hold on to the technology tether. I’m on this cruise to enjoy myself, not play Candy Crush on my phone or tap my life away on Instagram. So no, I will not be paying for your internet.


The Excursions

I personally feel like I was robbed on one of the two excursions we purchased. The excursion was for a “Nature Hike” on Cococay Island. Cococay is Royal Carribean’s private island where the Nature Hike excursion consists of a local guide telling you about the indigenous trees, wildlife and also upselling private beach packages. We ended up only walking half the trail. I found out after the excursion was over when I walked the full trail myself. $60 to walk a little under half a mile. So yeah, we got robbed.

The second excursion was worth the money. Got to swim with and feed stingrays at Blue Lagoon Island. It was an awesome experience!


The Final Lesson

In conclusion folks, just hold on to your money unless you are sure it’s something you need on the cruise. The more money you save during the trip, the more money you’ll have to spend at the ports. Just try not to ball out of control!


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