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The news that Disney and FOX may be reaching a deal where FOX sells FOX Studio to Disney is probably some of the best news for Marvel fans right now. The implications of such a deal mean so much. Fans’ main concern, for years, has been Disney buying back the movie rights to Fantastic Four and X-Men. Comparatively, FOX has not been doing a great job handling the aforementioned characters in movies. The Fantastic Four movies have been subpar. So bad they rank under BvS and Man of Steel for me. If you thought BvS and Man of Steel set the bar low, then go watch Fantastic Four, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and the Fantastic Four reboot – all are the definition of a dumpster fire.

Here are some things I am thinking that should and shouldn’t happen if the deal goes through:

I’m Pretty Sure Disney/Marvel Will Not Stop Making R-Rated Movies, So Deadpool Is Safe

People always want to make the ill-informed claim that Disney doesn’t make R-Rated movies. That claim is far from the truth. Disney DOES make R-Rated movies, they just do not make them under the Disney brand. They are all produced under subsidiaries like Touchstone for instance. Here is a list of R-Rated “Disney” movies.


Keep The X-Men Movie Universe Separate From The Marvel Cinematic Universe

As much as I would love to see the Avengers team-up with the X-Men, the established universes would not mesh simply because of a continuity issue. It would be difficult to explain how the Avengers knew or ignored the events that took place in the X-Men Universe and vice versa. The problem already exists, to some extent, in the comics, but would prove difficult to explain in the movies.

Just keep both universes apart. Disney should just focus on “rebooting” the X-Men franchise and doing things “the right way”. Better yet, just throw out everything that FOX did and…

Create A New Origin Story For Mutants And Introduce Them In The MCU

If Disney does decide to introduce mutants into the MCU, then they would have to drastically alter how mutants are represented in the MCU. In the comics, mutants exist but live in secret because they were persecuted for having powers and were seen to be lesser than normal humans. That would be difficult to do in the MCU as it currently stands because they have never been mentioned or alluded to in the MCU. Also, Disney dropped the ball with Inhumans which is going to complicate matters more since they do exist in the MCU.

Rescue the Fantastic Four and Dr. Doom

The first family of Marvel, the Fantastic Four, deserve so much better. The way they have been treated at FOX is a travesty.

A great follow-up villain to Thanos would be, and everyone would agree on Victor Von Doom. In the comics, Dr. Doom is a formidable adversary.



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