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New Year’s revellers build castle in Coromandel estuary to set up “international” drinking spot.

How far would you go to drink a beer?
Would you build a mound, out of the sand, in the middle of the water to avoid a drinking ban? Well, some folks in New Zealand did.

The beaches in Coromandel have a drinking ban in public places, including beaches, during the New Years period. The article did not mention how the long the ban was for.

The idea is pretty ingenious. When it comes to who has jurisdiction, on water (rivers, bays, etc.), depending on the law, it will differ from place to place. Although the ban includes beaches, the jurisdiction may only go as far as several feet from the shore, which means, the middle of the could be considered international waters and local authority would have no jurisdiction. Which means the local laws do not apply. Like I said, laws are different everywhere. So don’t think you can simply make your way to the middle of your local bay and think you can get away with murder.

Source: New Year’s revellers build sandcastle in Coromandel estuary to avoid liquor ban


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