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Our first stop for Baltimore Restaurant Week was Heavy Seas Alehouse. They offered threes courses (Starter, Main, and Dessert) each paired with a different.

I went with the Beer Battered Crab Dip, Blackened Salmon, and the Tropicannon Bread Pudding. The crab dip could have been the main course. I was expecting a small bowl of crab dip and like 6 tortilla chips like some places I’ve visited. NOPE! I was proven wrong. Not only was has there a large ball of beer battered crab, it was topped off with more crab. Needless to say, it was devoured quickly. The crab dip came paired with Heavy Sea’s Cutlass beer. Cutlass was pretty good and the smell is very aromatic. I felt weird that I keeping sniffing my beer before I drank it. First time I came across a beer that I was more excited to smell than to drink.

Beer Battered Crab Dip

For the main course, I had the Blackened Salmon and Tots. Why the hell did I order tots with Salmon?

Blackened Salmon…and tots.

I guess it was my inner-child: “Hey Jon! How about ordering an adult meal like Blackened Salmon and getting tots on the side?!”

So yeah, having already devoured the crab dip, a beer, and salmon, there was much room for Tots. Not much I can say about the salmon. I’ve had lots of salmon dishes and for me, if it’s not overcooked or undercooked then the chef was successful at preparing the dish. So, getting the salmon is a safe bet. With the Salmon came Americannon,, a pale. I love pale ales and Americannon is a light pale ale. I’d recommend it to people who aren’t pale ale fans.

The tots that never got eaten.

Now, I’m not sure if my palette had been erased by everything I had had just eaten or if it was the overpowering flavor of the Peg Leg Imperial Stout, that it was paired with, but the Tropicannon sauce on the bread pudding was lackluster. Pretty sure Peg Leg obliterated my taste buds. The bread pudding itself was great.

Tropicannon Bread Pudding


Overall, we enjoyed our evening at Heavy Seas. Definitely will be going back in the future. I LOVE ME SOME LOOSE CANNON!


I won this mini-pilsner glass in a raffle during dinner!


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