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UPDATE: So I posted this post to Twitter and go a response! @Nbajambook, on Twitter, is writing a book about NBA Jam and actually interviewed Eric aka Air Dog! I love the internet!

I’ve been in a pretty nostalgic mode in the past couple months and have been trying to fill in holes from my childhood. Recently, I have been playing NBA Jams on SNES. One of my favorite hidden characters is Air Dog. While I was playing, I asked myself, “Who the hell is Air Dog?”. If you’ve played NBA Jams, I’m pretty sure you’ve played with him at least one time. He’s probably the one of the BEST hidden players in the game! So I took my search to the internet to try and find out who Air Dog really is. All leads, so far, have lead to the same conclusion – Air Dog is the son of an Activision Developer. However, who IS he? What’s his real name? That is an answer I’m trying to find out.

I’m going to drop some link so that you can join in the search. If the internet hasn’t found out yet, then this may be one of the biggest video games mysteries ever.


Complex.com – http://www.complex.com/pop-culture/2014/04/a-history-of-secret-characters-nba-jam/funk




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