Super Bowl LII Movie Trailers We “Liked” | #MovieMonday

It’s #MovieMonday! The Superbowl was last night and with every Superbowl comes new movie trailer. This year’s Superbowl trailers were okay. The Infinity War trailer was unexpected. Solo looks like it could be pretty good. The Jurassic World trailer added something “new” but just reminded me that they are just rehashing the same plot elements from the first three movies.

Also, looks like The Rock is making a “new” ‘Die Hard’ movie call Skyscraper. The synopsis on IMBD says, “Plot kept under wraps. Described as a hostage-action-thriller set in China.” It’s pretty obvious, from the trailer, the similarities between Skyscraper movie and Die Hard – skyscraper hijacked by bad guys, people held hostage, desperate man has to rescue loved ones, the hero has to climb the building in an attempt to beat the bad guys and save loved one and EXPLOSIONS. Nope. Not the same movie at all. The Skyscraper trailer still looked pretty good and I might see it in theaters…might.

So what did you think about the Superbowl trailers? Were there any you liked or disliked? Let’s talk about. Find us on Twitter @geekswithforks

The Rock is starring in a Die Hard “remake”?


As if we weren’t excited enough about this movie, Marvel drops another teaser. This one caught us by surprise. We weren’t expecting an Infinity War trailer since we already got one late last year.

SOLO: A Star Wars Story

It seems like all the Star Wars movies that don’t directly follow the Skywalker main storyline are going to be the best of all the movies. Really looking forward to this one.


Is this a Die Hard remake? Let’s be honest, this trailer has “Die Hard” written all over it. It’s difficult to try and overlook the obvious.

JURASSIC WORLD: Fallen Kingdom

Nothing new to see here folks!


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