This Week’s Photoshop Battle – This Lady Taking a Selfie | Reddit

This week’s Photoshop Battle – This Lady Taking a Selfie

Photoshop Battles‘ has become one of my guilty pleasures on Reddit. Basically, someone will post a random photo, usually of a person or animal in an awkward pose or making an awkward facial expression. Then, Redditors will take the subject and photoshop it in different ways. You can pretty much guarantee there will be some hilarious responses. So every Tuesday, starting today, I’ll post the funniest Photoshop Battle from that week.

For example, this picture went from a lady taking a selfie:


And evolved into this:


A couple honorable mentions:


If you’d want to see more, here is the original post.

PsBattle: This Lady Taking a Selfie from r/photoshopbattles

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