Open House on Netflix

I thought  Netflix had a real winner with this one, but the characters in the movie got stuck on stupid and never got unstuck. Open House on #Netflix started off pretty strong but then got really ridiculous toward the middle and just became completely ridiculous at the end.

The acting was great and the way the tension was built was on point.

Like I said, Open House started off strong. The movie did an excellent job of setting up the premise which is a stalker who is terrorizing his victims from inside the house. We are immediately introduced to a couple of characters that could have possibly been the stalker or stalkers. The movie has your attention right up until the stalker start to make himself known and our two protagonists start making stupid decisions. How they didn’t realize someone was in the house with all the odd things going on, I don’t know. Also, why they NEVER checked the back of the basement boggles my mind.

This pretty much sums up the whole movie:



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