Black Panther The Perfect Marvel Movie

First off, I’m not going to talk about how great the Black Panther movie is. I believe the World knows how great the movie is by now. For those few who maybe didn’t like it, you better come up with a better reason than the fact that Black Panther didn’t beat up enough bad guys. If you are curious about the other negative reviews, just head on over to Rotten Tomatoes. There are enough think pieces to give a scholar nausea. I’m just not going to get into all of that here.

I’m going to keep this brief because a lot of my feelings about the movie have already been said a thousand times.

Black Panther IS Marvel’s perfect movie. Perfect in the sense that it did very well. While a lot of what we get has been done before, the fact that it was done in a way that you can hardly say anything negative about the movie is an achievement in itself. From the acting to the writing, to the directing and cinematography, Black Panther did everything right!

The acting was on point and all-around great performances from the whole cast. Shuri, played by (actress name), stole the show for me with Klaue coming in at a close second. I wish we could get more Klaue, in the future, but unfortunately, that’s never going to happen.

Black Panther isn’t just an origin story for Black Panther, but an origin story for Wakanda and the writers did an excellent job of giving us just enough backstory so that it didn’t weigh the movie down with a bunch of unnecessary exposition. Too much exposition makes or breaks a movie for me. An example would be a movie that takes every moment to explain every little detail as if the audience is mentally inept at following what’s going on. I’m looking at you, Alien vs. Predator.

I honestly don’t have much else to say that hasn’t already been said about Black Panther. The movie ranks up there with some of the best superhero movies…so far.

That’s it!


But what I really wanna talk about is the Heart Shaped Herb aka the Soul Stone. Pretty sure Wakanda is where the Soul stone resides and they don’t even realize it. Either no one ever asked the question or simply ignored making reference to it in the movie, but where does the herb get its properties from? This is the reason, I believe, Thanos’s forces are attacking Wakanda in the Infinity War trailer.

Begin the countdown to INFINITY WAR!



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