‘A Quiet Place’ Quick Review (No Spoilers)

Without a doubt, I believe ‘A Quiet Place’ will go down as one of the greatest horror/sci-fi movies ever. Although the movie does share a lot of similarities to the movie ‘Signs’, ‘A Quiet Place is a much more polished version- better acting, much more tension and better characterization. For me, the biggest difference between the two movies is that ‘Signs’ had me more interested in the aliens and why they were on earth. ‘A Quiet Place’ had me more interested in the characters and how they would survive with the odds stacked against them. Don’t get me wrong, ‘Signs’ is still a classic, but ‘A Quiet Place’ leaps ahead on the list.

‘A Quiet Place’ follows a family trying to survive after mysterious creatures appear on Earth.
After some time, it’s found that the creatures are blind and are attracted to sound. So in order to survive, humans now must maneuver through the world without making a sound – loud sounds. Ambient sound is fine, as long as, it matches your environment. This explains why the creatures don’t go after every little sound, like leaves rustling in the wind, or the sound of flowing water.
For instance, if someone were to yell, the creatures would immediately move to the area and attack blindly. It’s kind of ambiguous if the creatures have a sense of smell or not. There are a few scenes where the creatures are in close proximity to the characters and appear to be able to smell them, but since the creatures are blind, they are unable to pinpoint the characters exact location within the space. However, the creatures still are about to kill their targets indiscriminately and efficiently. You’ll witness that efficiency during the first kill.

I’m not going to go into too much detail, however, there is one character that will just get on your nerves and make you wish they’d just die. I know, that sounds kinda morbid but their actions, throughout the whole movie put everyone’s life in danger. You’ll see and then you’ll become filled with rage.

The movie does follow a few common horror tropes that are present in almost every horror movie, however, it’s the premise and the execution of the premise that keeps you engaged. Almost all of the plot is revealed in newspaper clippings and news reports seen in the background of some scenes. So if you are the type that needs to have everything explained to you, this movie may not be for you. However, if you are the type that likes a little bit of ambiguity then you’ll love this movie.

My recommendation – Go see it! It’s worth the time. Then come back and let us know what you think.



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