I Can No Longer Pretend That I Liked the First Two MCU Thor Movies

As I sit here this morning, drinking my coffee, pondering the meaning of life, a thought popped into my head, “Do I really like the Thor MCU movies?”. The short answer is “No! I do not!”.

Thor is one of my favorite characters of all time however the first two Thro movies were the worst of all the MCU movies. They aren’t bad movies, but compared to the rest of the MCU movie, Thor, and Thor: The Dark World is like the Star Wars prequels, comparatively, in their respected universes.

Chris Hemsworth is great as Thor and the first Thor movie was a great introduction to the character. It’s that the movie itself lacked a lot of things. There was nothing engaging going on, just a bunch of Thor moping around with a couple of interesting side characters. The romance¬†between Jane and Thor seemed forced and unnatural. I never felt a connection between them on screen. The relationship ranks up there with Anakin and Padame. Come to think of it, didn’t Natalie Portman play Padme. Maybe Natalie just sucks at playing love interests. Overall, Thor was passable at best.


Thor: The Dark World, on the other hand, was just BORING! Malekith was a waste of a villain. He’s so much more in the comics and deserved better. It is yet another passable movie from the MCU and ranks at the bottom of the list for me.

I know people are going to tell me that Iron Man 3 is the worst MCU movie, but they are still butthurt about the Mandarin reveal. Which I loved because the movie as a whole took you in a different direction. I guess people can’t appreciate a good story. Ironman 3 is in my Top 5 MCU Movies list.

So what do you think? What are your least favorite MCU movies?



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