The Monster Hulk Should Be! – Immortal Hulk Review

Al Ewing may have another hit on his hands!

Immortal Hulk gets back to the root of the psychological conflict between Bruce Banner and the monster living inside of him, The Hulk. Over the past few years, the Jekyll and Hyde aspects of their relationship have been downplayed for the most part. Instead, writers have either been trying to combine Bruce and Hulk into one persona or in my opinion just being lazy and going for the HULK SMASH approach, which made Hulk a bit one-dimensional. It appears that Ewing may be diving deep into the psychological issues that Bruce must face being the Hulk. No longer is he fighting for control, since he is now aware that he cannot die, hence the title of the book. Bruce must now cope with the revelation that he and the Hulk are one and the same. Hulk has become his own entity that seems to act independently.

Ewing is getting back to the monster that is the Hulk and I’m all in!




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